The Accidental Husband

...and Making a Woman Happy


People should never take their cues from Hollywood movies when it comes to how to make a woman happy. The things that work to create a good movie and the things that make for a good relationship aren't just at odds in some cases: they're opposites. Few movies are going to demonstrate this better than 2008's the Accidental Husband.

The Accidental Husband and Happiness

The film involves a woman leaving her fiance for a man who actually tried to exact a terribly revenge on her. He specifically tried to break up her relationship with her fiance. People don't typically fall for the person who tried to bring up an extant relationship of theirs, but that's what happened in the film the Accidental Husband.

People who were looking for tips on how to make a woman happy would be at a loss when they were watching the movie. They would see a man who was terrible to a woman and who was forgiven for reasons that are not entirely clear. However, this does not deviate from cultural standards as much as many people might think, especially when it comes to what women are looking for in men.

Loving Bad Boys or Not

There is this idea that women prefer 'bad' boys. The definition of bad will vary, but women are supposedly attracted to all variations. However, 'bad' boys in real life are just abusive, and there is very little real evidence to justify this idea. People seem to be attracted to individuals who are like them in some way or another, physically, emotionally, or intellectually. When it comes to making a woman happy, romance, love, and flowers are what will work. Only the most insecure women are going to jump for a guy that makes them feel bad as opposed to good.

In the movie, the heroine was already engaged. Her gentlemanly fiance is the sort of man who is skilled at delivering romance, love, and flowers. However, she ultimately leaves him in the end for the man who tried to drive both of them apart in order to exact a petty revenge, which was also ultimately about romantic jealousy.

People might look at a film like that thinking if the male lead could be forgiven, then anyone could. It should be noted that once again, male leads like this behave in ways that are comically exaggerated in order to entertain the audience. Someone behaving that way in real life would be treated in a very different manner by everyone.

Having lots of conflict is great for a story, and it is often bad for a relationship. The heroine and her fiance were not the most interesting couple in the movie, which is why they did not end up together. However, a lot of the women in the audience were no doubt chiding the heroine for not going for the gentleman and the romance, love, and flowers. When it comes to how to make a women happy, the guy who loses in a romantic comedy often knows how.